Image taken from 00h.01m.01s.000ms MrAstrotheologyThe Magnum Opus. Part Two—featuring the eye of Ra vs a cross-section of human brain.

Ever read something along the lines of a communism manifesto (link below) and crave as depict a visualization of its antithesis?
(Granted, perhaps by way of context in separation vs that of unification)

Someone over at Rev-Radio had apparently thrown on (studio-b) what appears to be a youtube playlist of some of the materials as found on Santos Bonacci’s you-tube channel.  I got a little frustrated realizing that I was listening to a visual presentation so I simply had to find the source of the videos and of course, share. Magnum Opus. Part Two-still

Bill Donahue also presents on his YouTube channel a vast library of mind-invoking theosophic presentations from a syncristic vantage.

1849 Communist Manifesto by Karl Marks & Friedrich Engels (PDF/EPUB/MOBI formats are downloadable at