[2010] “Plato’s Forms, Pythagorean Mathematics, and Stichometry” — J. B. Kennedy

“This essay advances a series of strong theses about Plato’s philosophy and aims to corroborate the view of Aristotle and other members of the early Academy that it was fundamentally Pythagorean.”…
…“Stichometric analyses find unexpected evidence for Pythagoreanism in the dialogues themselves, and thereby develop a pregnant argument made by Sayre. He observed, in short, that the structure of the text of the Statesman seemed to reflect its metaphysics.”…

Source: personalpages.manchester.ac.uk/staff/jay.kennedy
PDF: personalpages.manchester.ac.uk/staff/jay.kennedy/Kennedy_Apeiron_proofs.pdf

from Wikipedia: “Stichometry is a term applied to the measurement (μέτρον) of ancient texts by στίχοι (lit. “rows”) or verses of a fixed standard length.”

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[20100703] “A Musical Message Discovered In Plato’s Works” — NPR staff

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[20100719] “Would You Believe The Plato Code?” — Codex Celtica

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[1984] “The Pythagorean Plato
by Ernest Glenn McClain (August 6, 1918 Massillon, Ohio – April 25, 2014 Washington, DC)