[1931] Edward Bach — “Heal Thyself” – An explanation of the real cause and cure of disease

From Wikipedia: “Bach thought of illness as the result of a conflict between the purposes of the soul and the personality’s actions and outlook. This internal war, according to Bach, leads to negative moods and to “energy blocking”, thought to cause a lack of “harmony”, thus leading to physical diseases.[7][8]:9–10

Rather than using research based on scientific methods, Bach derived his flower remedies intuitively[9] and based on his perceived psychic connections to the plants.[10]p. 185 If Bach felt a negative emotion, he would hold his hand over different plants, and if one alleviated the emotion, he would ascribe the power to heal that emotional problem to that plant. He believed that early morning sunlight passing through dew-drops on flower petals transferred the healing power of the flower onto the water,[11] so he would collect the dew drops from the plants and preserve the dew with an equal amount of brandy to produce a mother tincture which would be further diluted before use.[12] Later, he found that the amount of dew he could collect was not sufficient, so he would suspend flowers in spring water and allow the sun’s rays to pass through them.[11]

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Once again, listening to a particular radio station on a wonderful little program that has been popping up on weekends, I missed either the title, intro or name of guy talking — but each time he comes on, is a amazing story-teller and as gifted a teacher –just saying. This ‘find’, due to he.

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