The Bock Saga: Ancient Time Capsule by Les Whale

From the Introduction by Paula Peterson
“Excavations in Finland are producing evidence of a vast, peaceful, and well-developed culture living in the realm of the Arctic Circle prior to the Ice Age – a culture that survived the great cataclysmic shift of the earth’s axis – which thrust all the lands of Paradise into Ice-Time: the era of Altlandis (“all-the-land-is-ice,” in the ancient language).” — read more

This story is an interesting one.  Haven’t had the time really to read too much on the matter as of yet (my reading and TODO list is of course getting bigger nearly every day), having listened to several lectures by now, its a hard story to avoid interest in and certainly on my reading agenda in whatever materials I shall find.

For a few years now, I’ve been ‘following’ the work of Miles Johnston’s “Bases Project” on his YouTube channel for many reasons, primarily due to the depth of integrity I believe Miles has as well as the astounding number of interesting resources he has provided over many years on this project –not that this speaks for all information provided ;).

• Thanks to WordPresser Tony Topping via Miles forum.
The Bock Saga: Ancient Time Capsule by Les Whale
Bock Saga Original Transcipt (intro) by A.Barker

ADDED TO THE READING PAGE TODAY (on related search):

On a completely un-related note, you might enjoy checking out some of the fantastic artwork of another Miles Johnston. 😉


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