The Bock Saga: Ancient Time Capsule by Les Whale

“Excavations in Finland are producing evidence of a vast, peaceful, and well-developed culture living in the realm of the Arctic Circle prior to the Ice Age – a culture that survived the great cataclysmic shift of the earth’s axis – which thrust all the lands of Paradise into Ice-Time: the era of Altlandis (“all-the-land-is-ice,” in the ancient language).” — source


[S0 20140302] Rhythms of Life – Circadian, Circaseptan, Schumann Resonances & Human Health

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Life appears to function well within the context of Cycles. The constant changes between day and night are caused by the Earth’s 24-hour rotation along its orbit around the Sun, which creates the well-known 24-hour Circadian Rhythm for living organisms, with melatonin production peaking at night and serotonin levels peaking during the day. Circadian comes from…

[2010] “Plato’s Forms, Pythagorean Mathematics, and Stichometry” — J. B. Kennedy

“This essay advances a series of strong theses about Plato’s philosophy and aims to corroborate the view of Aristotle and other members of the early Academy that it was fundamentally Pythagorean.”…
…“Stichometric analyses find unexpected evidence for Pythagoreanism in the dialogues themselves, and thereby develop a pregnant argument made by Sayre. He observed, in short, that the structure of the text of the Statesman seemed to reflect its metaphysics.”…